Safety and Security Habits for Educators (book)



Eric Combs has over twenty years of high-level physical, operational, and tactical military security experience, including counter-terrorism and hostage rescue operations training, in addition to protection proficiency of our nation’s nuclear weapons and presidents. Following his military service to our nation, Eric became a successful master teacher and principal. He was recognized as the Ohio Teacher of the Year, and he was a finalist for the Ohio Assistant Principal of the Year. In this volume, Eric offers state-of-the-art safety and security strategies for you to employ at home, in school, and while out in the community-at-large.



Learn how to use strategies and habits described within this valuable volume to increase safety and security readiness as well as greatly improve survival chances during critical incidents that could occur at school or on your own personal time at home or in public places.

Author Eric Combs examines the human psyche under stress, history, and types of threats against schools, and employs strategies and habits while creating a safer school campus without creating a fearful place that looks more like a prison than a place of learning.

Eric identifies common threats to personal physical security as well as threats emanating from the digital world and offers strategies and habits to reduce the possibility of becoming a victim in either of these arenas.

Brianne Hudak, Educational Consultant