With so many educational options available, your school needs to stand out from its counterparts as the best. But how do you go about creating a five-star school? It starts with a recipe for success.

You will need:

    • To TEST out the latest educational research and best practices that fit the needs of your school
    • To CREATE a mission and vision that are easy to understand and promote value, progression, positivity, support, and success 
    • To LAY OUT the “red carpet” service (Train all staff to welcome people to your school by making them feel like special guests; showcase the school as an exceptional experience.)
    • To SMOOTH OUT your school’s strategic plans with clear, consistent communication and marketing steps (Proper presentation and applicability of the material are necessary for better understanding and acceptance)
    • To BRING TOGETHER a school community that believes in and is motivated to build onto the overall mission and vision (Buy-in is best when a leader collaborates with its stakeholders using shared decision-making (SDM) to develop and meet the school’s goals.)
    • To BLEND IN well-trained, highly qualified, supportive faculty and staff
    • To POUR IN a school’s overall growth mindset which says, “Yes!” It is imperative to understand that growth and improvement come from effort, commitment, critical and creative thinking, loyalty, and optimism.
    • TO CUT OUT areas in your school that do not promote the mission and vision (Continuous reflection on and modification of your “recipe” is vital.)
    • To “BEAT INTO” your staff that asking questions, offering suggestions, being flexible, and using creativity are good things #teamworkmakesthedreamwork
    • To MEASURE your school’s success through ongoing surveys and data analysis
    • To SERVE your school and community by hiring experienced, quality leaders (Make sure your leadership team compliments one another’s personalities and educational experiences well.)
    • MIX the given ingredients together with a DASH of positivity and a PINCH of perseverance. LET SIT in strategic action plans as the driving force, then SERVE with consistent success!

These “ingredients” can take on different forms in different schools. School improvement teams, school boards, and specific departments on campus can focus on the school culture and climate, community research, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), stakeholder feedback, and marketing/enrollment strategies.


Brianne Hudak, Educational Consultant